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Rajasthan cultural

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Información Rajasthan

Festivales Rajasthan


Bikaner is an oasis town among scrubs and sand dunes. Lying in the north of the desert state, the city is dotted with scores of sand dunes. Also known as the camel country, the city is known best for riding camels and hence boasts of having one of the largest camel researches and breeding farm in the world. Bikaner still retains a medieval air and is house to over 300 havelis. Vacationing in Bikaner will be astounding experience.

Founded in 1848 AD by Rao Bika ji, the imposing palaces, the beautifully and richly sculptured temples of red and yellow sand stones display some of the most beautiful creation of the Rajput civilization. It was formerly the capital of the princely state of Bikaner . Bikaner is also famous for its ‘ Bikaner i Bhujia’ as well as for its handicrafts and leather articles.


Summer: Max: 41.0 degree C; Min.: 28 degree C
Winter: Max: 23 degrees C; Min: 5 degrees C

Fair & Festivals

Cattle & Camel Fair (next 21 - 22 January, 2008): Cattle and Camel fair is held in January and November.

How to reach

Air: The nearest airport is Jodhpur 235 km.

Train: Bikaner has railway connections to several destinations including Jaipur, Jodhpur, Delhi, Amritsar, Chandigarh and Haridwar.

Road: There are frequent express buses available, but if one wants to drive down to Bikaner , it is one day's drive from Jaipur.


Junagarh Fort
Built in 1593 A.D by Raja Rai Singh, one of the most distinguished Generals in the army of Emperor Akbar, it is an unassailable fortress, which has never ever been conquered. In it, one will find some very magnificent palaces like Anup Mahal, Ganga Niwas and Rang Mahal or palace of pleasure.

These palaces are made of some of the most exclusive sandstones. It also houses a museum, which has an array of rich collection. Karan Pol [gate] is the main entrance of the fort. Next to it is the Suraj Pol meaning the sun gate.

Prachina Museum
This museum is located inside the Junagarh Fort. It is dedicated to royal costumes, textiles and accessories. It is an absolute delight for art and craft lovers. It also houses ancient courtly culture along with other royal mannerisms as well.

Bhandeswari Temple
It is a fifteenth century temple and is the oldest monument of Bikaner . This temple is the oldest shrine of Bikaner and is adorned with mirror work, frescos and some beautiful gold leaf paintings..

Come and explore ancient mansions during vacations. They are known for the wealthy and noble dwellings. They have some of the most intricate details that one could ever find, along with sprawling courtyards. Bikaner is full of havelis and to view these havelis take the following route:
Gogagate, Daddhon Ka Chowk, Rangari Chowk, Assanion Ka Chowk, Mohta Chowk, Binnanion Ka Chowk Daga Chowk, BK School and Jassuar Gate.

Lal Garh Palace This palace is a beautiful work of art, made fully of red sandstone. It was built by Maharaja Ganga Singh Ji in the memory of his father Maharaja Lal Singh Ji in 1902. The Oriental Fantasy was designed by Sir Swinton Jacob. The architecture is a mix of Rajput, Mughal and European style. The palace has some beautiful latticework, which are hallmarks of a great craftsmanship. It also houses in it an amazing collection of well-maintained paintings and hunting trophies. Sprawling lawns with some beautiful bougainvillea flowers and dancing peacock make for an amazing visual experience.


Bikaner offers varied ranges of hotels. You would be provided from luxury hotels to cheap hotels

Luxury Hotels:

  • Laxmi Niwas
  • Lalgarh Palace
  • Raj Vilas
  • Bhanwar Niwas

Budget Hotels:
  • Bhairon Vilas
  • Padmini Niwas
  • Camel Man Guesthouse
  • Harasar Haveli


Camel Safari:

Destinations Jaisalmer and Bikaner
Rajasthan , India’s westernmost state and famous vacationing place is the very backbone of the modern India. It might look somewhat dull at first glance, but if you look deeper; you will see the real beauty that this desert state beholds. Be it the sound of the beautiful folk music coming from a distant village or the local woman dressed in colorful clothes on their way to distant well, everything has its own charm attached to it.

You can see Rajasthan on a jeep safari, or may be even aboard the “Palace On Wheels”, Rajasthan ’s luxury train. But to really feel the elegance of the state, there is nothing like a ‘Camel Safari’. Camel Safari is the right choice for you in Rajasthan , which will make your vacations a cherishable time. It is a unique and perhaps the only way to explore the small villages of Rajasthan . Riding a camel is not as easy as it seems, neither is it a test of one’s ability. It is a great experience to explore the desert aboard the ‘Ship of the Desert’.

The only thing you will have to get used to, when you do plan on a Camel Safari is your balancing and getting used to the movements of the camel. It is a new and exciting way of projecting one’s footprints across the sands of Rajasthan – literally. Whether one wants a safari that takes only a few hours or the one that is perfect for over 7 days, you have it all. The Safari moves from one place to another following the routes that were once used by the ancient armies. The adventure of a Camel Safari is truly unique and interesting experience and one that you won’t be able to forget your whole life.

It is not a recent phenomenon; Camel Safari is an experience that is happening since ancient times, when no other means of transportation was developed. Camel Safaris are arranged in such a way that tourists can come in contact with local populace and interact with them. It gives them opportunity to learn the vast interesting history Rajasthan These safaris are arranged at the routes of Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Bikaner and Pushkar.

Accommodation Can stay in tent or under the sky in an open air.

Safaris Durations The duration of the safari could vary between - ½ Day, 1 Day, 1 Day + 1 Night + 1 Day, 2 Days, 3 Days and more. Few safaris are also undertaken for 1 or 2 weeks


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Ciudades Rajasthan:

Jaipur - Jodhpur

Bikaner - Udaipur

Jaisalmer- Shekhawati

Pushkar - Ranakpur

Bundi - Orcha - Agra

Delhi - Khajuraho

Bharatpur - Monte Abu



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